Merlot House, an Old World Inn - Napa, California, United States


As part of the Old World Inn, we’re pretty big. Big on service. And smiles. And taking good care of you.

But small in other ways. Like how we make our handmade chocolates (one at a time). Or our breakfasts (from scratch, every day). Or even our suggestions for wine country touring: Small family-owned spots that you’ve probably never heard of, with extraordinary small-production releases that sell out each year, available only from the winery itself. No big distributors and supermarket buyers. Just a few dozen cases of incredible wine, for a few lucky people.

Our focus has always been on taking care of folks. That’s why, year after year, we get rave reviews from our guests. And why we see so many of our guests come back to stay, year after year.

Merlot House is a place where you can relax and unwind. It has no common areas (those are in the Cabernet House, next door). So it tends to be a bit quieter and more private than your average B&B. And if you want to be social, meeting other guests is only a few steps away… in the living room at Cabernet House, or out at the firepit, or sitting in on of our rockers at the back entrance…

How long should I stay?

You need 2 or 3 days for the magic of this place to really "seep" into your bones.

On day 1, a shuttle bus tour may be your best bet. Eat a hearty (but not too big) breakfast, get picked up at 10:15 or so, then spend the rest of the day enjoying a few small wineries and a picnic lunch. Get dropped off around 4:30, freshen up (or take a power nap!), enjoy our evening wine reception a block away at our sister property (Hotel Napa Valley), then stroll a few blocks into town for dinner.

When you get back, grab a few of our famous handmade chocolate nibbles, sit out by the firepit, and reminisce about your day. Head back to your room and drift off to sleep in a luxuriously decadent featherbed. Sweet dreams!

Wake up on day 2, enjoy one of our special “wine taster’s breakfasts”, then let us help you plan your day. Visit some world-class wineries, perhaps a gourmet grocery store for lunch fixins’ for a picnic at a local winery (the wineries don’t have food, that’s why we’ll show you where the best picnic spots are).

Instead of relying on guidebooks and magazines or online review sites, getting advice from someone who lives here can make the difference between a nice trip and one that you will remember for the rest of your lives. So please do take advantage of this wonderful service. It’s included with our room rate (and we *love* sharing our little corner of the world with you!).

You'll want to have advance reservations for dinners and special winery tours as well. Again, we’ll be happy to do this for you. Just give us a call, or send an email.

From start to finish, we can help make your visit unforgettable.

The Napa Valley is a very special place. We want to help you have a trip that you’ll talk about for the rest of your life.